Seva Nursing school

Started from 1st Aug 2006 for the first year there were 20 students for 18 months course (RANM COURSE). From 2007 nursing school is permitted to admit 40 students per year for (RANM Course) 95% Students passed each year. And all the students who have passed the exam have got Jobs in Government Services.

From the year 2011 (i.e. 1st Aug 2011) Nursing school is persisted to start RGNM Course) for the 1st year Our Nursing School is permitted to admit 20 Students per year.

Sr. Cecilia Adhav B.Sc.Nursing, an experienced and devoted principal is appointed w.e.f.2006. Under her direction 8 more trtors are working.

We have recently constructed Hostel Building for 100 students.

The School is required to purchase a New 40 seats school Bus. And New Hostel Building to provide more comfort to the students. Trust is interested to start B.Sc. Nursing Course during the next year.

The Students, mostly ladies, who get admissions for these courses come from very poor families, as this is the rural area, they are not able even to pay their educational fees. We are trying to educate these poor ladies from our rural area, after that they can earn for their families a and better living. We are requesting the donors to please dotane for our poor students for their betterment.